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innovated time keeping

Let your employees clock in and out using their phone tagged by valid locations. Synchronize with myprimehr time and attendance module including lunch breaks, overtime and other time related activities.

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What Is This

More than just timecards

Almost everybody has a smart phone. We just had an idea to record productive hours per employee activities the smart way. The idea is now an app.

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It can take as little as three clicks to punch in and out and faster than replying through a text message.

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Full Feature

Work in offline mode, displays history and valid locations, and configure log types.

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Data posted to time and attendance will be aligned according to employees' shift schedule.

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Timelogger app is free for your employees to use, cheap enough compared to electronic time recorders.

Why Timelogger

Unparalled Benefits

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Record activities
on the go

Employees can record activities on the go, even without internet connection.

Support each timelog
with Geotags

Record precisely where your employee are even on official business.

Precise cost
accurate billing

Customize your link with myPrimeHR describing each billable activities.

Less frequently
left at home.

Personal phones are less probable to be left behind than Company ID.

Setup valid
places and locations

Timelogs are validated across multiple branches or customers' locations.

Individual association
secures records

One device per employee association guarantees no time buddy-punching.

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